Civil Defense

Adopting safety and fire prevention systems for all sites and facilities, issuing safety reports, supervising the implementation of safety projects, and issuing a certificate of conformity (work completion).

● Study of ventilation and smoke removal systems ● Preparing a detailed technical report on the design according to the requirements. ● Preparing bills of quantities and specifications for implementation works. ● Upgrading the safety systems available on site. ● Study the conformity of the available systems with the Saudi code. ● Design in accordance with the requirements of the civil defense for firefighting plans.

Secretariat and municipalities

● Area sketches (indicative - organizational - merging - separating). ● Design of architectural, structural, electrical and mechanical plans. ● Oversee the monthly and annual implementation. ● Residential, commercial and administrative building permits. ● Calculating quantities for projects. ● Demolition, restoration and warehouse licenses. ● Land planning and zoning. ● Modification and addition licenses.

Architectural Design

Luxurious architectural designs for villas, residential, commercial, industrial, tourism and entertainment facilities in line with the latest international engineering works, compatible with client requirements, and requirements of the Secretariat and Civil Defense, according to the Saudi Building Code.

● Preparing detailed 2D plans, taking into account the requirements of the Saudi Code. 3D sections of building facades maintain the aesthetic appearance. ● Provide many perceptions to the client before starting the design to help him choose the appropriate style. ● Preparing a prototype for the project to enable the client to make modifications according to his desire.

Engineering Designs

● Design of reverse osmosis desalination plants and networks. ● Design of tertiary sewage networks and stations and stations that operate with (MBR) technology. ● Central air conditioning design. ● Electrical designs. ● Designing all engineering, structural, electrical and mechanical plans using the latest engineering programs. ● Structural design of towers, bridges, and steel structures. ● Structural design of towers, bridges, and steel structures.